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The consequences of blogging are profound. Deep. Meaningful. Subliminal. They affect our daily behaviour; our nightly behaviour. And all the time in between. We as animals are very social humans. There is a need, deep within our loins. On the satisfaction of those needs, we find that we have some additional needs. That of propagating our propaganda through thoughts. Everything needs to be said, expressed, explained and voiced. It’s all a matter of voice, if you really go to see. The blogosphere has become our voice. It’s a place to be our self and enlighten the dark world with our wise words.

And so we talk. We talk about our thoughts, our daily activities, our social obligations, our relationships, our lack thereof, our needs and obviously of our pets. Everything we see, touch, eat, shit needs to be recorded on our personal-public diary. Because if it can be thought, why not written for the world to read.

And then the world becomes an agenda. Everything becomes the start of a new post. Your entire thought process becomes attuned to the search of a new post. The new post. Ah, the new post. Every facet of your existence can be a new post. And then the avalanche of questions begin.

“Is it good enough to share?”
“Would my followers like it?”
“How should I rewrite it to make it more relevant?”
“I wonder if my stats will show any change?”
“Should I share it on facebook to get more hits?”
“Should I write a book?”
“Should I write a post on writing a book?”

It’s a vicious circle. Questioning everything in the quest of a new post. The never-ending river, that will dredge your sanity. The world is there to experience. We end up creating experiences with an agenda. I’m sure it’s not the case with everyone. But deep down within our subconscious, it is. We forget the reason this also started. To let our voice be sounded out. But along the way, we let our voice change due to the sound. A classic case of ever-changing influences. A case of medium over matter.