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Pace yourself

Posted: September 27, 2012 in experience
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We are part of a world that moves. Literally and figuratively. It moves at a pace. One set in society. One set for everyone to follow. We as humans are trained to follow this pace. It becomes our way of life. We live according to what is set for us. Our friends, family and everyone around, hasten us to catch up to that pace. Maybe a step taken, a thought germinated, a heartbeat felt – These are the things we alter to keep up.

But some people don’t stick to this pace. Some. Those are generally labelled freaks or weirdos or some choicer names. They move at a pace not in accordance to the ways of our society. And that’s how they stick out. Because sometimes when society ebbs, they flow. You see them bothered? Never. They just don’t care. They’ve set their own tempo in society. And they decide when to bring it up or down.

But that’s just it. What if we want to live our own pace? Not want to accustom ourselves to anything. What if we don’t want to catch up, but just run the other way? What if the only thing scaring us is the thought of moving at all?

Well, then just stop.

Why? Because we should. Because it feels right. Because maybe I would like to stop and smell the roses. And maybe the jasmines and the gardenias as well.

It is said that we are our own masters. We command our seas. I am trying to command mine to quiet down and not be choppy. I don’t want to move with the swiftness my world has set for me. It feels like I am bound in shackles. They wring around me to hurt and dig in. But to stop the pain, I just need to stop squirming.

I want to sit on a mountain, looking out over a valley. See a red sun glint off the purple sky, letting the sounds of nature wash over me. Allow the gliding river to remind me that the crashing sounds of the world are flowing away. Appeal to the  wind to bring with the rustle of leaves, the music of silence. And then maybe when the clock in my head stops ticking, I’ll finally hear myself.