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A kiss remembered, a tear shed and a bottle upturned.

It’s the classic making of what follows every failed relationship. What people forget to mention, are the friends they find after. Because it’s not a unique story. It’s the story of a million lost souls. Almost everyone has loved and lost, and in turn can relate to this. And they had also found others who could relate to this. It’s a circle which is finally not vicious. It’s a circle to finish that bottle in hopes of forgetting that kiss.

It’s funny how people come together over bad relationships. Or good relationships that are losing the sheen of “perfection”. People generally come together because they have something in common. It’s a universal fact. Some of my friends I can call close, only because of the time we spent baring our hearts to each other. You can’t do so, unless your heart has felt the spike of emotions. Oh, it’s a spike that ravages your mind and body. That’s the only way you can connect. And oddly I’m still connecting with new people, over old stories.

Those chapters of my life might be longed closed, but the story of my life still writes itself. Those times are still there for ready reckoning. They don’t hurt anymore; one grows accustomed. But at least they’re there to help others. A helping thought in times of bitterness and despair. My story, that for someone else might mean an additional tear not spent, another hour not wasted pondering, maybe one more word of hate not spoken, or just another thread of sanity not lost.

Who knows where my past might help someone’s present. Or maybe just help close the chapter of a past still being written. We all carry this with us. We steel ourselves to be harder and smarter for the future. We don’t always succeed, but at least we got friends to bring us up when we turn to butter. A friend to always help upturn that bottle.