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What if I had super powers?

What if I came from another planet? Planet Jalzoid. My bone density and Earth’s gravitational pull would let me accomplish grandiose tasks. I like the sound of that.

But if I had super powers, would I use it for good or bad? “With great power comes great responsibility” … blah. What’s the fun in that? Live a poor life, wearing masks while jumping around as a caped crusader? Why not rather make a truck load of money, use my powers to seduce women and leave the world no choice but to follow me. Why not? What’s the use of super powers if not to use them? And if you go to see, me being the number one power in the world would actually be good. Quarrels and fights would be a thing of the past. Cause which man would dare stand up to the Jalzoid law? Unity would be something the world would finally know.

Oh, the world would truly unite. Against me. Because that’s what always happens. The world is not meant to be ruled by one. Freedom is essential. Forced freedom is an illusion used on the mind. Plus, who doesn’t like hating their leaders. It’s just a thing people got to do.”Playas gotta hate.” So, there would come a time when the world would unite to overthrow me and my waylaid ideologies. And that is when the world would rise above petty issues. So I would probably be the Dr. Manhattan or the Dark Knight of the world. Everyone thinks I’m bad (and I am bad, shush), but for the greater good of the world. See, I had the bigger picture in mind. And everybody has a kryptonite. Those bastards would find mine hiding on the supermarket shelves. Bastards.

And that is the reason for me having hidden my super powers from the world. I do not want to face my glorious end. So the world falls apart for my selfish reasons of staying alive. I am truly sorry. Global unity will have to wait. Till then there are others who believe they have god given superpowers. And their kryptonite is their own stupidity. Let’s go for them instead?