Being social.

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

What has social media come down to?

To get random invites for stupid games on facebook? To read the public displays of affection by overtly and sickly romantic couples? To hear the constant bickering and comparisons of women and men who come close to that? To see tinted pictures of what people are eventually going to shit out the next day? To hear desperate cries for attention by those who claim to have befriended the world? To know where a person is, what he/she is doing, who he/she is doing, hobbies, life goals. Why should I be aware of these inane facts that serve no purpose but to destroy my peace of mind. How is this information helping me in anyway except giving me the tools to be an expert stalker?

So why do we spend our time stuck to these tools?

Maybe the fear of having nothing to do for 5 minutes drives us to wonder what the hell somebody else is up to.  That constant barrage of incessant noise has become a permanent fixture in our daily dealings. It’s something we can’t get away from. It would feel wrong and disconnected.

Even on vacations. People take vacations to get away from the world. All we end up doing is fighting with ourselves and eventually succumbing to the withdrawal symptoms of social media. We need to tell people where we are vacationing, why we feel “happy and at peace”, what we ate for breakfast and how we have suddenly taken to photography. Our lives have become social media.

I really wish there was an off button for everything. And like Snake Plissken at the end of Escape from LA (I recently caught it on TV), zap all the electronics in the world, smoke a cigarette and say “Welcome to the human race.”


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