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Posted: January 15, 2013 in I wonder
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Why must we earn a living? Why not earn a right to live? It’s the quintessential dilemma. To work for money or work for love? Or to love work? Or to love money? Or to love nothing and hate yourself? Or just somehow be self-destructive enough to love yourself for hating yourself? I guess life sometimes feels like a paradox. The cyclic quadrilateral-triangle of life. It’s like looking through a glass made of a varying thickness. You know something isn’t right, but you’re busy distracted by the colours that get refracted. So you sit, stare in and look like a retard to the rest of the world.

My issue – why is there a need to get lost in these stupid questions? Why god, why? We as Neanderthals were meant to focus on our basic needs – survival, sustenance, and sex. We have grown slightly smarter, thus the variance in the definitions of the same. Survival, has become a rat race. At the end of the race, there’s a nice fat cat waiting to swallow you whole. Sustenance, is now led by advertising. Cause let’s face it, if there was no advertising, we wouldn’t know what to eat. And sex? Okay sex is the same. It’s good. When you’re getting some of it. Otherwise it just makes you look bad.

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So we now have ‘intelligent’ scenarios for the Neanderthal life. It’s the logical progression. I think that’s where the main issue crops up. Who decides the logical progression? Logic is supposed to be quantifiable. What is now known as ‘common sense’, is masqueraded as logic. I guess that’s also a logical progression in life. Common sense. Common because everyone has that sense. I guess the next logical progression in life would now be to develop uncommon sense. Now, wouldn’t that be swell? To justify an act, or the lack thereof, with the proclamation of the widely acclaimed, winner of no lifetime achievement award – Uncommon sense. I wonder how everyone, who can’t survive without the ‘questions of life’, would react to uncommon sense. I guess their only form of sustenance comes from converting more to follow the herd, because it’s ‘safe’. Their logical progression would lead to the creation of other facets of common ideologies. It just defeats the purpose of creation. An individual is created unique. So logically speaking, how can he be common?