Fade out.

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s dark. With spots of less darkness.

It’s still dark.

The dark shapes surround me. Light reflects off the shadows of the wild. A light here. A light there. The struggle to not be consumed. It’s a ray of hope. To become, within these overpowering forms, a lighthouse to nature. They are reflections of reflections. A trick of the dark. A companion to the silent waters that flow under your crossing. Those that try to capture and contain the light. It’s the subconscious of your beacon. The hazy, unknown, tempting lights of the midnight flow.

But it’s night. It’s dark. An abyss in the making.

And then we turn. The light of the night shines bright. The cratered glow that bristles on your neck. The white that softens the dark; that makes it welcoming. It shies away here and there. Vanishing behind those monstrous shapes, it reappears indistinct. The dark allows it to walk untouched, as always. It pierces the harshness of a black night. One that brings different hues of the black alive. It lets a slow mist linger over the clear gurgle that comes to our ears. It speaks aloud, “Why the hurry? Take your time. Explore when you return! And to guarantee your return, I gift you this view.”

I stop. I need to stop. It’s dark. It always is. Shadows dance; toy and play with my bearings. The warm reflections invite me into their depths. The shudder inducing shapes bend to my view. The silence of the noise leaps at me. And the midnight sun compels me to follow this route back.




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