Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

It hurts to see notifications from WordPress. Not the ones that say you have someone following you, or someone commented on your post. I’m talking about the ones that give you updates on blogs that you follow.

It hurts for one reason – There are people writing, when I am not.

I’m not suffering from writers block. I could write about some obscure thing which I saw on the net, which really “moved” me. Or some random thing that happened to me on the roads of Bombay. I just don’t feel like writing. Plain simple, do not want to write.

And that hurt. I’ve given up a lot to pursue writing. I am not saying I am a proficient writer or a literary genius. I just wanted to express my thoughts in written prose. And now I have sudden moments when the last thing I want, is to have anything to do with words.

Is it lack of focus? Or a creatively-bludgeoning profession called advertising? I think it’s the lack of focus created by a sharp axe, wielded by creative directors. It’s as if every time the cold of the blade touches you, your head grows back up for the chopping block. But with it, what doesn’t grow back is that thread of a connect to the previous head. It’s gone. A part of you is gone.

That’s what’s killing me now. To have had my head chopped off so many times, that I cringe at the sight of words written by me. And I’m searching for a solution, which will hopefully present itself soon. And ironically, the best way to express my new found dislike for words is by using words.

  1. dmarshall58 says:

    It seems there’s no getting around words… but clearly they’re important to you, and you use them impressively to express an anguish a lot of writers understand.

    • Sid says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. Appreciate it. And yes words do form a large part of my existence, however literary or redundant they might be. They’re the only way I can express myself.

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