Home is where the heart is..

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I guess it was all the chaos that let me forget about it. Shifting into the new house, getting all the remaining stuff ready so that my mom can throw housewarming parties, work.. Oh so much work, and a few other assorted items. But me sitting here, clearing out the remainder of my room, is when it hits me. This is not going to be my house anymore.

I’ve spent 24 great years here. And my dad almost close to 40. It has seen the best of times and the worst of times. The arguments, the fights, the laughs and the tears. It was the place I was brought to when I was born, the place my parents came to as a newly married couple. It was the place I learnt my first steps, my first words. I remember coming home, tired after school, just wanting to turn on the cartoons while waiting expectantly for some food from my mother. It was the place I came to, after I got my first cut, bleeding all over the place. This was the place I used to play dark room and hide-n-seek with my elder sister. It was the place my sister taught me the value of life. It was where I heard lectures for being irresponsible towards my studies. It was the place where I finally sat down to study. On my desk. With the swivel chair with one wheel broken. It always made you sit at an angle. I sit on it as I write this, slightly tilted just like my thoughts.

I remember looking out of the window on rainy days, taking in the green freshness of the trees that swayed with the wind. It was where my friends became brothers. It was the place where I brought my first girlfriend over. We sat, lost in each other, in my room. My room. Which used to be my grandmothers room. I saw her live here. I saw her die here. I remember sitting with her as a kid, while she prayed to the Gods for giving her such a grandson. I remember ignoring her when I grew up, when her ideals became too old fashioned for me. I remember the guilt I felt for not having told her once that I truly did love her.

I remember this place where I saw my father cry, the only time I’ve seen him cry. This was the place where my actions hurt my mother into a pain, I could never repair. I remember learning warmth and hate here. More importantly, I remember learning how to never hate. I remember the place where I grew up in memory of a grandfather, taken before I could remember the touch of his hand. This is the place is where I learnt how to be a man. This is the place I learnt how to love. This is the place I will always call Home.

  1. Vrinda says:

    Overwhelming and truly touching

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