An upward curve

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’re sitting with your head in your hands. You’re tired. Your mind is tired, your mind tells your body to be tired. Everything feels slow. So slow. A smile feels a distant dream. Its too tiring. What’s the use of it? Your mind doesn’t have a reason to smile. Fuck, your mind just wants to shut off..

Then a slight buzz makes you lift your head. A light flashes. That piece of machinery beckons. It bellows at you. You’re too tired to pick it up. But you just have to. You lift it, you feel it, it feels cold. Bah, everything feels cold anyhow nowadays. The flashing light feels blinding..

But then you notice who it is. Hmm, it suddenly doesn’t feel that cold anymore. Hmm, you’re not that tired after all. Hmm, your mind doesn’t want to switch off. Hmm, you finally find a reason to smile.. Hmmmm, maybe its her..


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