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Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wish sleep was a luxury, not a necessity..

Time passes, and leaves me wanting. I want more out of life, I want more time in life. Things I want to accomplish, things I want to experience, things I want to see through to the end..

I want to write,
I want to make music,
I want to swim in the ocean,
I want to spend time with family and friends,
I want to dance,
I want to stare at fire flies,
I want to learn a new language,
I want to make fun of random people,
I want to point at a place on the map and travel there,
I want to learn photography,
I want to sketch,
I want to fall in love again,
I want to fly a plane,
I want to collect stamps,
I want to bungee jump,
I want to stop and just sit,
I want to run till I fall,
I want to slide in mud,
I want to paint,
I want to ride a bike for days,
I want to sleep nights under the stars..

However big or small, I want to stop wanting..


I’m listening to a radio show. They have some djs coming on air and listing the things that get them through the day.

What gets me through the day?
Music is the base of my life. It makes me forget everything except for those beats. Those beats make my heart thump.. Those beats make my heart jump.. Good times go.. Bad times go.. Music keeps me company. Music and humour. Humour and me.. Its a love hate relationship. But I still need it in my life. Its a drug for me. A smile, a giggle.. A chuckle, a laugh.. Humour makes me happy. Makes people around me happy. It lightens up the mood, it lightens up the day, it lightens up my life. It stirs up a group of friends. Friends.. they light up your life. They are there to share a joke, a dance, a tear, a laugh, a trip, a beer and sometimes, silence. Loneliness stops becoming a part of your dictionary..

Music, humour and friends. I can’t live without that trio. They are what gets me through the day. They are a part of me and they play no tricks.. They in some way, form my essential mix.