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There and back again..

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’re sitting
You’re waiting
You don’t want to leave
but you have no choice

You put on your headphones..
The mind is lost in a place soon to be distant
hmmm the music is nice
Reminds you of the previous night
Ahh that was a night
Lights were bright
Wicked and unexpected it was

Music starts picking up
hmmm feels like you’re back on the beach
Music is going on
Feels like you’re back on the road
The sway of the windswept trees
Rustling with the music
Your lights mark the way..

You’re driving
You’re unsure of where you are
You’re unsure of where you’re from
You’re unsure of where you’re going
but… you’re driving

Life suddenly feels better
That empty road tells you where you are
That empty road tells you where you’re from
That empty road finally tell you where you’re going..

The road that led you there
Leads you back out..
Out of a place special
Out of a place with sand on your feet
Out of a place we call.. Goa


Session with the frog..

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

You just finished your session in the parking lot.
Feels good. Its time to head in.
The walk is a random blur.
The door reverberates.
It invites.
Well guess there’s nothing to do but enter..

Wow its all blue and tingy.
Its all electric..
You feel electric..
That music feels electric.

It starts like a current..
It moves random like a current..
One touch starts you up..
The back is nice, but the front looks better..

You make your way through..
The earlier session helps you weave through the crowd.
It feels as if they move with you and the music, parting to let you slide through.
Finally there’s no further to go.
You’re right up..

Its just you and the wooden structure called the stage.
Its a bit blurry who’s up on it..
But then again your eyes need to open to see.
But they just don’t listen.
I feel my mind move..
It starts with a little sway..
And then doesn’t stop.
Keeping with my mind, my hands start.
They rise and fall.
Feet not far behind.
They rise and fall.
Soon… I rise and fall.
That beat thumps.
That beat jumps.
I don’t stop.
I can’t stop.
I feel alone, and that’s how I want it.
Everything’s blurred out.
Its just me and that sound, rising and falling as one.
I’m tired but I don’t stop.
I feel alive finally.
Its still blue and tingy..
I feel, finally.
A smile hits my face..
And it remains there..And always will..
Whenever I am with my blue frog..