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Prepared? Whats that?

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sooo, my friend messages me that’s she’s reading my blog.. This sudden sense of foreboding hits me. For some reason, I just assumed it would be random strangers reading it (very smart, since I put up the link on my facebook profile).. But that feeling felt a bit weird. However prepared you might be for anything in life, it still gets you. To the smallest thing like a blog, to big things like maybe a blog (Hey a blog can be a big thing).. But there’s no such thing as being prepared I guess. Whatever happens, happens. Happens for a reason or not, makes no difference. It just happens. Maybe the next time it happens, you could be smart about it, but never prepared.. So well I honestly don’t know what will happen if she reads this.. but hey, at least I’ll be “prepared”..