Oooo.. Writers block

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

“I’m suffering from writers block” says a friend.. How the hell did that happen? She’s not even a writer. She writes a bloody blog, and proclaims herself a writer. I’m not a writer. I might be trying to be a blogger, but no way would I suffix the word “writer” to my name. I’m being realistic. I don’t want a Booker Prize (Although that would be fun.. I’d get to rub it in the “writers” face). I just put my thoughts to paper.. or keyboard. It’s simple. What the hoopla all about? I love it when self proclaimed “artists” go with an air of high handedness, trying to justify their lack of brain power. True writers, the ones whose words captivated the hearts of few or many, would probably be turning in their graves, or in their beds. It’s quite shameful. But how do you differentiate a writer from a “writer”. Again, it’s simple. The ones who talk with their written words distinguish themselves from the ones who talk with their mouth. So if you want to be a true writer, shut up and write..


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