My Girl

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I get a call.. Its her. My heartbeat races. She wants to meet. My heartbeat pounds. Today? Sure I’m free. I drive down, and wait. A little nervous, my hands get clammy. When will I see my girl. This wait is killing me.. But then…. I see her. There she is. Standing beautiful. Sunlight gently moving with the wind around her. I make my way over to her. She’s even more beautiful up close. I can hardly contain myself. My hands move to her. Slowly caress her.. Then my hands move down..towards the handle.. And I open the door and sit down in my girl. Ferrari Enzo.. And then I wake up. And then my dull existence makes me head to work, to earn a meager salary, to live in the hope that someday, I’ll get my girl..

  1. karan says:

    Pretty soon buddy!naukri and chokri!!!

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