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Posted: July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I came across an amazing picture on facebook recently. It was a picture of my friend standing in front of a fire. And that friend has used Picasa to edit it. The colours of the fire felt as if about to consume him. And his frame gave the impression that he welcomed the fires from beneath us. That picture stuck in my head. It was just a simple picture of a man inquisitive about a fire that was burning near him.

I was curious. I wanted to try my hand at tweaking an image, so as to give another perception of the same. So I acquired the software. Simple enough. You take an image, and then just start randomly working different buttons. A wide array of options greet you as soon as you start. You feel like a little kid, wondering what this particular button would do, what that one would do. It’s fun and quite straight forward. Made for easy use and gives great effects.

I had a photograph with me. It was of the sky with pinkish hues. I felt it would be the correct one to tinker with. And I was happy with the final product. Felt good. Maybe someday I’ll be able to create a picture like the one my friend had done. Hopefully..