Football Fever

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s football season. It happens every 4 years (unless you watch Euro too). The guys go mad, put on the jerseys of their favourite team, paint their faces, shout slogans, shout insults at other team supporters, get into fights, and come back home with stories to tell their friends again and again, however irritating they might get. The girls don’t want to get left behind. So they’ll find some poor guy to lend them his jersey, wear it and go to the bars to scream at the screens, they’ll drink, get drunk and become apparent die hard supporters of teams they hadn’t seen a match off. Yep that’s world cup fever alright. A weird fever, but it grips you. You just get sucked into it. And it’s electric. You start feeling the pain of losing a match, the joy when the ball hits the back of the net.. It all builds up, and peaks at the last match. The battle lines are drawn, the whole world watches irrespective of who’s playing. You chose sides and stick with them. And you shout for them as much as the other. And then it’s over. As quick as the fever swept over you, it let’s go and moves on. And then you get back to your life as if it was just a dream, waiting another four years to go by..


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