Simply free

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

For 4 years, there was this continuous weight on my head. It kept increasing over that period, steadily and slowly. I got used to it.. It was a burden, extremely heavy for me. But I carried it around. I could have shrugged it off a year into it, but at the time it felt like it would get lighter. But it got heavier and heavier. It started to gnaw at you, it snapped through you at others around you. It just brought you lower..

And then suddenly its gone. You stand up straight, dust yourself off, and it feels as if nothing had really happened. ‘Past 4 years? Oh they were there. But who cares eh?’. Because with that burden gone, you dont have anything pulling you down.. you can walk.. nothing blinds you, nothing stops you.. your a person to yourself. So you explore this freedom.. This sweet liberation of the senses. Cause 4 years might have gone by, but the rest of your life still awaits. It beckons to new horizons..

I’m on a plane in the middle of nowhere with no worries about food or fuel.. Just the sunset calling me away, to lands unexplored..


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