Welcome Home

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, about her ideal home. She spoke about having a house on the slope of a mountain in Switzerland. She even knew which mountain. I could just imagine it. Waking up in the warmth of your home, with the frost sparkling on your window frame. Sipping a hot cup of coffee, while you watch the sun rise between the peaks of snow capped mountains..

It was picturesque. It made me wonder where I’d want my own ideal home. Its easy to take the ideas from others around you. But then it won’t be yours. There would always be something amiss. For making a home, you need to think about what would make you happy, cause that’s what a home is about. I imagine myself on a beach in goa, sitting on the sand, just watching the waves crash. I imagine myself wading through the blue lagoon of the islands that dot south-east Asia. I imagine sifting through the sands of Rajasthan, even sifting through the snow on the slopes of Manali.

But I keep coming back to this one image.. Its a rustic villa, I’m sitting in the shade of an olive tree, the frangrance of the soft earth fills me, the slightly moist air brushes past, a glass of wine lies next to me, and I stare out over the cliff into the blue waters of the Adriatic. I think of this, I feel good. I think of this, I feel content. I think of this, I feel at peace. I think of this, I feel at home..


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