Posted: May 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Crazy makes talent.. some of the most talented people, have often been crazy. They have been crazy buggers, just going mad, just losing themselves to a different world. Their world is different because they make it different. They lose sights of the boundaries in our heads. We apply ourselves by forcing our brain, thus being stuck..

We as children are the craziest. We go around, doing all kinds of shit, not giving a crap about whats happening. We turn out great “works of art” when we’re kids. We let ourselves go, cause well basically at that age we dont really understand whats happening. We just are ourselves. We hear the folks always talking about how we did this when we were small, we did that when we were small. we did it all. But as we grow older, that sense of understanding comes into picture. The understanding of constraints. constraints set for us. The understanding comes from the world around us. It teaches us while it limits us. we start work, we run around in circles. We follow the grind, and we become the grind. stuck in that, you slow down.

A small part of your brain handles a lot of pressure. It shuts down. That flow of juices to that part shut down. You change, you make changes. Search for that creative streak, you find a shut door. Its got windows, you look inside and make plans on what you’ll do when that door opens. But the door remains shut. Cause there are other doors opening and closing. And then, your lost. You search for that door into the realm of a childs dream, but its lost. As older people of the world, we lose that craziness. The stark difference between the world of a child and that of a “grown up” person comes to the basis of our set limitations. Finding that closed door, and prying it open is a must. Cause we are just children, lost in adults.


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